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Hi, I’m Nicole!

I’m an American expat living and working in Dublin.

In November of 2021, my employer allowed me the opportunity to “test out” living in Ireland before I made a final decision to apply for a work visa and move permanently in the spring of 2022. I’ve now been in Ireland for a year and a half, and have lived in Galway, Cork, and Dublin (where I currently reside). 

I am in HR, recruiting, and operations at a SaaS startup that has opened its EU headquarters remotely within Ireland, Europe’s very own Silicon Valley. Through this opportunity, I have not only expanded our engineering team in-house, but have worn many hats in relation to Irish payroll & benefits, employment laws and processes.

I have grown so much throughout my time in Ireland, and with my blog I hope to impart some knowledge and wisdom onto others in regards to the unique processes I have navigated thus far. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding my experience!